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Rinoa was beginning to believe she had finally gotten a pretty good idea as to where Squall had gotten off to. With Izaya’s help, she was able to put the pieces together and it seemed to make sense. It was the only logical explaination at this point. Starting off for the now familiar building, Rinoa began walking briskly towards the vast sea of people and crossed the street. After making her way across she noticed a woman standing nearby. Giving the woman a brief glance of acknowledgement she decided to approach her.

"Are you Namie Yagiri by any chance?"






“I’m afraid not.”

“Hm well it’s a long story. Taking a rather exasperated sigh she revealed all to him. Well it all started when I met Squall the second time after the ball at Garden. I was seeking out Cid; the headmaster in the hopes that maybe Garden would be willing to assist my resistance faction, The Forest Owls liberate Timber from Galbadian rule and gain its independence. Anyway, long story short, Ultimecia is an evil time witch with the power to stop and manipulate time. Time compression she called it. Two years ago, we literally had to go into the future, her time in order to stop her. She’s very powerful and dangerous but we somehow managed. She even went so far as to turn Squall’s ring, Greiver into a guardian force sort of like a God in which we summon from what we call eidolons. Ever since then, Squall and I have been pretty happy together despite his frequent stays at Garden away from me seeing as he is still Commander but I can’t seem to figure out why he would just disappear like that. I can’t imagine where he could possibly be. The orphanage he was raised at as a child isn’t exactly there anymore but maybe he’s still around someplace nearby. I haven’t been able to go there myself, helping the townspeople everyday. Things got far less exciting once we stopped Ultimecia. Anything you can come up with?”


“Well, that’s certainly a lot of information to process about a place I hardly understand~ But let’s see. The problem you’re looking to solve is that this ‘Squall’ is missing, correct?” Izaya asked, turning his gaze from the computer screen he’d been gazing at to the person before him. “And he’s not anywhere you would expect to find him but that aside, there are no particularly suspicious circumstances. If not for the fact that you insist he wouldn’t leave his ring behind, I would suggest perhaps he went somewhere of his own free will~” The informant shrugged. “Seeing as you can’t come up with any ideas about where he would go on top of that, however, I suppose that’s not quite so likely. You don’t suppose it could have anything to do with an enemy you thought you had defeated, do you?”

Rinoa didn’t even want to think about the possibility that Ultimecia could of returned. Though she knew it was possible. Placing a hand on her chin taking in everything Izaya had said to her she replied,

"Yes, that’s right."

"It’s possible I suppose. I mean Ultimecia could have very well returned. I hope not. Though that would explain quite a bit of what’s been going on here of course. I haven’t seen or heard anything more about her since we defeated her. Unless she’s just hiding somewhere but I wonder exactly where that could possibly be."

Hesitating for a brief moment, Rinoa came to realize she had seen Ultimecia in one one of her dreams recently.

"Now that you mention it, I did see her in one of my dreams recently. She wasn’t at her castle like she normally was when she was around before. Maybe she’s somewhere nearby that I just haven’t thought of. Is there any information you can find out about her, Ultimecia? If not, I’ll go investivate further. I think I may have an idea as to what happened to Squall though any more info you can get would be helpful if it isn’t too much trouble."


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Smiling genuinely at the girl before her she nodded at her reassuringly. “Of course. I know how hard it can be. Waiting and missing someone you love be away for so long.” Rinoa slowly turned away then and began walking towards the sea. Placing a hand near her chest she said softly, “I’m the same. I know it hurts but we have to be strong. That’s what we need to do, right? It’ll all be ok.”

Turning around rather abrubtly and somewhat cheerfully though not quite sure how to respond she said simply, “Squall? Hm, he’s kinda my boyfriend I guess you could say. We’ve been through so much together. He’s been away awhile. Like he just vanished. I miss him terribly. Is that the same for you too Yuna?”

Listening to Rinoa, she saw a lot of herself in her. It was strange though, being on the other side! She was used to others looking to her fo inspiration  not the other way around. She gave her a heatfelt, but amused smile. “You’re right…” She noticed Rinoa’s abrupt movement and watched her curiously.

“Vanished…?” She repeated. Did the same thing happen to him as did…? She wasn’t sure how to phrase what she wanted to ask. Or why she wanted to know it… she guessed, it would just be a small comfort, to know that someone else fully understood… but it was too hard to say. She decided she didn’t want Rinoa to be forced to think of those unpleasant things either. “It’s something like that!” Her voice came out a little cheerier than intended. It was just so weird, to talk about him like this. It had been a long time since she’d acknowledged it openly… but she felt strangely comfortable with Rinoa. “He wasn’t my… ‘boyfriend’.” She cursed herself for blushing at the thought of that. Really, after all they’d been through, she shouldn’t be so embarrassed about something as silly as that! “But he was very dear to me all the same. I miss him…but..”  

You can’t wait forever, you know? She was afraid to say the unspoken words. It’s not that she didn’t want to wait, but sometimes, on lonely days like this… it felt hopeless. “Do you ever think that Squall… might not return?” Yuna looked away from Rinoa, out into the ocean, her voice sounding faraway. 

Upon hearing Yuna speak the word vanished, Rinoa turned away. Nodding slightly while looking down, the ravenette’s expression had been somewhat sad then she slowly canted her head upwards briefly before returning to her usual cheerful self.

"Yeah, just disappeared one day. I’ve been trying really hard to find me but nothing. At least so far anyway. I can’t imagine where he could possibly be. It really isn’t like him at all. But I know I can’t give up on him." Thinking back on Yuna’s words, she appeared to somewhat have a few doubts. Something terrible must have happened to whomever she spoke about. Someone who was quite dear to her just as Squall is to her. Rinoa knew that feeling all too well.

"Not your boyfriend huh? But you guys were still close huh?" Noticing Yuna’s blush but deciding not to push her settled for simply stating the obvious despite already knowing the answer.

"Well, sometimes. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if he’ll ever come back. I know he can’t be too far but it really feels like he’s so far away from me. Sometimes I can’t sleep I miss him so much. It gets so hard sometimes but it’s the hope that he’ll return to me one day that keeps me going."

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